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Gold Personalized Pendants. Rose Gold Mens Wedding Band.

Gold Personalized Pendants

gold personalized pendants

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LS994 - "Cherished" - Diamond Encrusted Gold Baby's Foot Necklace

LS994 - "Cherished" - Diamond Encrusted Gold Baby's Foot Necklace

LS994. Show how much your cherish your little one with this 14kt gold, Diamond encrusted baby's foot. This would make the perfect gift for Mommy or Grandmom! Ask for pricing to put your baby’s birthstone instead of diamonds. Also an excellent memorial. The 16” 14kt White Gold chain is also included.

Jasper Flower Pendant

Jasper Flower Pendant

Bead embroidered pendant created using teardrop shaped Ocean Jasper.
In my Etsy.

gold personalized pendants

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